Frequently Asked Questions



What is a financial coach?

Think about a sports team. The coach is the person who guides the team, helps them train, provides motivation, encouragement, and accountability. Most of all, a coach is the team's biggest advocate. That's exactly what a financial coach is in the context of your finances.

Why should I hire someone to help me financially?

Do you have goals you want to achieve? It could be feeling in control of your life, sleeping easy knowing that the bills are paid, a debt-free vacation, or maybe the ability to donate more? Maybe you want to stop fighting about money with your spouse. My question to you is: What have you done to achieve those goals? My guess is you have not been able to achieve them as quickly as you would like, or at all. Einstein said it best: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you want different results, do something differently.

Ok, I think I'm ready! How do I contact you?

Great! We first need to be sure that you truly are ready to make this commitment to yourself. Let's schedule your first session at no cost and no obligation. Click here and I will be in touch shortly.

What can you do for me?

Together, we will develop a tailor-made strategic plan for your money based on YOUR goals in life. We will explore those goals along with your current financial well-being and devise a feasible plan to get you to your goal ASAP.  This requires you to be committed to yourself. I will empower you to make the changes necessary in order to accomplish your dreams. I'm the person that will tell you the hard things that no one else will. I'm here to provide you accountability along with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve financial fitness.

Are you going to put me on a budget?

I'm not going to put you on anything you don't want to be on. Plus, don't think of it as a budget! It's a strategic plan for your money - you telling your money what to do for you, rather than your money telling you what to do for it.

Can you make me lots of money? 

Financial coaching is not a get-rich-quick type of deal. It's about long-term commitment to your financial well-being and life goals.